6/8 source and resource: bringing multiplicity to the table

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Source and resource: bringing multiplicity to the table

Thu June 8,  7pm

Art engaged with ecology offers new forms of environmental engagement and advocacy, yet the community of artists working on NYC waterways represents a relatively narrow range of perspectives. For example, the majority of Works on Water collaborators are white females.  SOURCE AND RESOURCE brings together organizations who have excelled at engaging a broad spectrum of people in art, culture, and ecology through a wide range of methods. At this Long Table conversation, WoW artists Eve Mosher and Nancy Novacek join these representatives as well as practitioners from the fields of art, maritime ecologies and community activism to discuss methods of engagement and strategies towards multiplicity around the NYC waterways. Note: The Long Table format (developed by performance artist Lois Weaver), is designed to equalize audience and invited participants, by providing a simple and specific structure for listening and conversation.