6/10 What Works on Water: Artists Define a New Field

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Hosted partner event

Hosted by:
Eco Practicum

Description:There seems to have been a major expansion of artists working in, on, or with water over the last few years. Artists are building boats and taking people on tours, sculptures are being installed in rivers and oceans, and performances draw audiences to the waterfront. Many artists are at least partly responding to the vulnerability of water to industrial pollution and climate change. But many others are drawing on water’s strengths, like the idiosyncratic laws that govern its use and its capacity to connect every corner of the Earth. In response, a group of artists have come together to curate the first of a new triennial exhibition and performance series called Works on Water, which invites reflection on the future of our waterways. This afternoon we will hear from two of the artists on this curatorial team. They will discuss their own personal water/art practices and the events that inspired this latest project. Together, we will consider the environmental, social, and technological changes that have sparked the new water art movement.

2 hours

Date and Time:
Saturday, June 10 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Docked at Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park at Atlantic Avenue

Guest Speaker(s)/Facilitator(s):
Eve Mosher and Sarah Cameron Sunde
Facilitated by Tal Beery


Tal Beery is co-founder of Arts and Ecology, a multidisciplinary institute committed to research, art, and education on radical environmental themes. He is founding faculty at School of Apocalypse, examining the connections between creative practice and notions of survival. Beery is an activist with Occupy Museums, opposing the economic and social injustices propagated by institutions of art and culture. His written work and interviews have appeared in numerous publications and his personal and collaborative works have been exhibited in museums and galleries in the US and Europe.

About Eco Practicum
Eco Practicum is a desk-free school for ecological justice, running intensive environmental leadership programs for undergraduate students and recent grads. Part think-tank, part action-workshop, part travel-adventure, participants meet experts, connect with peers, engage their biosphere, and gain practical tools to change our systems for the better. Eco Practicum is a program of Arts and Ecology, a multidisciplinary institute committed to research, art, and education on radical environmental themes.