6/28 Place making, Place taking, Place keeping

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Place-making, Place-taking, Place-keeping

Wed June 28, 6:00

In the funding world, Creative Placemaking is trending. But in the art world, “placemaking” itself is a problematic term because it can also refer to development. This conversation points us toward three terms: place making, place taking, and place keeping. Which one is at work in any given context? Who is doing the making, what is the motivation?  As we consider placemaking in collaboration with the waterways other questions come up as well: what’s worth keeping, what’s worth changing, what’s worth making anew? How does our work intersect with both environmental and economic justice? With WoW artist Dylan Gauthier (representing the artist collective Mare Liberum), Olivia Georgia from City as a Living Laboratory (Walk Around South Cove) and Damian Griffin, Education Director at the Bronx River Alliance.  Moderated by WoW co-Curator and Producer Emily Blumenfeld.