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Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies (Marina Zurkow, Nicholas Hubbard and Rebecca Lieberman) designs experiences that activate “ways of knowing” which differ from informative pamphlets or science-based lectures, in order to facilitate alternative means for citizens to engage with urban waterways. They seek to foster intimacy and understanding for non-experts, and cultivate community advocacy with a long-term view towards policy and social changes.

For the exhibition, FSDE shares a sculptural installation, A Field Guide to the Place Where You Are, that invites participants to investigate their material surrounds from atop a post-natural lifeguard chair.  The subjects of inquiry — 3LD’s architecture and infrastructure, the stage play’s props, and the other works in the exhibition — reflect both the specific collision of agents here, where you are, and also their global attachments to multiple other places and realities, as experienced through their material natures.

FSDE is currently launching A Field Guide to the Dark Ecologies of Newtown Creek, a four-part project that invites citizens to explore the social, historical, and natural landscape of Newtown Creek, a waterway hidden in plain sight on the border of Brooklyn and Queens.  How might we  imagine the waterway’s future and balance its systemic issues (public access, labor rights, human health, and green infrastructure)?  The concept of “dark ecology” brings people, actions, and ecologies into one sphere, in which our tangled cultural and natural histories are available to be reimagined.

Join FSDE for phase one of the larger field guide: a site-specific experience on Newtown Creek.

June 13, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

June 17, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.