Mare Liberum

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A Decade Platform
Mare Liberum
Artist-built boats built over a 10 year period.

Mare Liberum is a collective of visual artists, designers, and writers who formed around a shared engagement with New York’s waterways in 2007. As part of a mobile, interdisciplinary, and pedagogical practice, the collective has designed and built boats, published broadsides, essays, and books, invented water-related art and educational forums, and collaborated with diverse institutions in order to produce public talks, collaborative exhibitions, participatory works, and voyages.  Employing the methodologies of civic hacking, participation, open source, social sculpture, and temporary occupations, the collective extrapolates on Lefebvre’s or Harvey’s “right to the city” to include its neglected waterways.

The collective is Jean Barberis, Dylan Gauthier, Ben Cohen, Stephan von Muehlen, Arthur Poisson, Sunita Prasad, and Kendra Sullivan.

Suspended in the 3LD space is a flotilla of Mare Liberum’s artist-built boats that have been used in over a hundred different performances, actions, citizen science field trips and participatory voyages by the collective and collaborators over the past ten years. This is the first time they have been all been exhibited together in one place.