Mary Mattingly

Mary Mattingly

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Mary Mattingly
Single-channel video, 15 minutes


Mary Mattingly is a visual artist and environmental activist living and working on New York waterways. Mattingly wrote a manifesto which states, “Art can transform people’s perceptions about value, and collective art forms can reframe predominant ideologies.” SWALE, a living example of this assertion, is a public floating food forest where people are invited to pick food for free.

For Works on Water, Mattingly is showing Mittere, a response to her WetLand project (a porous proposal for an ecotopia, 2014) and Waterpod (a barge-based self-sufficient habitat that traversed New York’s waterways, 2009) – both alternative living experiences. Making Mittere was a personal form of letting go and a symbolic form of regeneration.  A fleeting fire billowed from the wooden boat unfolding into the sunrise over fifteen minutes. Mittere was filmed at dawn in the Long Island Sound. 

Visit SWALE in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6
Open and free to the public, Thursday – Sunday