Are you curious about working with water as a material? Do you want to connect with people in other fields who are thinking about the social, cultural, ecological, and political issues related to water?

Working creatively with water and waterways is inherently interdisciplinary, and requires artists and other creative people to infiltrate and collaborate with many different sectors. The Power of Ten is an opportunity to intersect with people from different fields, and imagine collaboration. All thinkers and do-ers are welcome–scientists, social/environmental justice activists, designers, artists, performers, planners, architects, and more.


The Power of Ten is a path to problem-solving, reimagining, unearthing inequity, finding new approaches and understanding how to become accomplices.

Workshop 1:  We will work on communication and connection, using somatic techniques and methods for talking to people outside your field about your work, and for thinking about water.

Workshop 2: This is an optional opportunity to present works that might have emerged from workshop one, present work in progress or share plans that were hatched over the two weeks.


The Power of Ten–Cross-disciplinary collaboration and water work

Workshop 1: Sun. June 11, pm 11-3pm

Workshop 2: Sun. June 25  4-6pm

The Power of Ten is led by Carolyn Hall (from the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art Nature and Dance), assisted by Clarinda Mac Low and Eve Mosher

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