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The blog is focused on artists who examine, move over, look at, work with, journey on, use metaphorically, or create new connections to water, rivers, lakes, oceans, or boats. Here’s how we daw the line:

Works On Water covers art that engages with particular bodies of water using the water or shoreline as site, stage, or material.**

While we appreciate your posting about other art matters, we won’t share it on the blog.

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**Here are our more detailed guidelines we use in artist selection:

The work must meet BOTH of the following conditions:

  1. The work self-defines, first and foremost, as art.

  2. A body (or bodies) of water is central to the work’s concept.

Additionally, the work recognizes that water is alive and dynamic, and therefore experiential rather than representational. It must meet at least ONE of the following conditions:

  1. If object-based, a body of water (and/or its shorelines) is used as MATERIAL in the physical production of the work.

  2. If time-based, a body of water and/or its shorelines is the SITE for the work, functioning as a “stage” and/or a central “character” that embodies the temporality and/or spatiality of the work.