DEADLINE: Rolling, with a final deadline of May 1 at 11:59pm

**Deadline extended until May 7 at 11:59 pm**

General Information

Activities will take place from May 14 - October 31, 2018.  Selected artists will be free to design their own residency and will not be required to produce finished work, but will be asked to provide public access to their working process during their time in residence. Artists will also be invited to participate in related programming over the course of the summer and will be encouraged to create public expeditions and performances on the island.

The goal of this residency, for Works on Water and Underwater New York, is to build and strengthen a community of urban water artists both locally and globally and incubate possibilities towards our next WORKS ON WATER Triennial in the fall of 2020. We hope that the residency program will serve as a laboratory for residents to explore how their own creative practice intersects with this emerging field.


  • Artists who are interested in applying should consider the following for their proposed projects: 

(This is how Works on Water currently frames this emerging field)            
The work must meet BOTH of the following criteria:                        
1. The work self-defines as art                        
2. A body (or bodies) of water is central of the work's concept                                 
The work must meet at least ONE of the following criteria (working with water as material and/or site):                        
1. If object-based, a body of water (and/or its shorelines) is used as material in the physical production of the work                        
2. If time-based, the work recognizes that water is alive: a body of water functions either as a "stage" and/or a central "character" in the performance of the work.
3. If text-based, a body of water is a central character in the work.   

  • Resident artists are expected to work in their studios at least 20 hours/week and must be present and willing to engage with the public during public hours: 11-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays during the weeks they are assigned to. 
  • Artists must be at least 21 years of age; we welcome proposals from artists at any stage in their practice or career.   


Important Logistics

-    There is no running water in our house; restrooms are in another space. 
-    Electricity is limited and sporadic (no power tools but some video should be ok). There is no WiFi in the residency space, and cell signal is generally weak on the island.
-    Ferries leave from lower Manhattan on the half hour, with the last ferry departing the island at 6 PM. On weekends there is also ferry service from Pier 6 in Brooklyn. Otherwise, boat access (for your work) is only by human-powered boat (kayak). 
-    The buildings are beautiful old homes, with paint falling off the walls in many places. You will be working in a house with other artists and so noise-bleed is inevitable. 

The Works on Water house will be on the water side of Nolan Park. We will use the ground floor for public programing: a small-scale exhibition, library, conversations, shared work/deskspaces, etc. Upstairs there will be five (5) studios that will house the artist residencies on a rotating basis. On the second floor, one studio will be designated primarily for rehearsals, and there are two other studios with hardwood floors. On the third floor, there are sloped ceilings and linoleum floors. 


DEADLINE: Rolling, with a final deadline of May 1 at 11:59p
We will be reviewing the proposals as they come in, so we encourage you to submit before the deadline if possible. 
(If you would like time in May or June, please submit no later than April 25.) 

This is a new endeavor for us, and we are very excited to make new connections. If you are interested but unsure, please email us! We would love to answer any questions. Email:  

Please note, we are an artist created and run organization, we are donating our time and resources to create this incubator, there is no money or living space available with this opportunity.