Carolyn Hall

Carolyn Hall is a Brooklyn, NY based Bessie award winning freelance dancer/performer, historical marine ecologist, and science communication instructor. As a freelance ecologist her research focuses on the past and present impacts humans have on shoreline ecosystems and the creatures within them. She is increasingly invested in combining her artist and scientist halves in public processes to make data-rich science more understandable, embodied, and memorable for the general public.

For her WoW residency, she will be asking questions about New York City’s long history and current relationship to fish and fisheries through an installation and embodiment of timelines. Timelines that span from "prehistory" to today. Timelines that explore connections stemming from documentations of fish species in NYC waters to our past and current questions about residence, im/migration, fluid boundaries, consumption, the value of an object vs. a living contributor to an ecosystem, and economy.

photo credit: Tara Duffy