Works on Water is thrilled to welcome 54 artists to the house in Nolan Park this summer. We are excited to support and grow the community of artists making art that works on, in, and with water.

Rejin Leys.JPG

Rejin Leys
Next Time on Earth
May 21 - June 24

Dena Igusti.jpg

Dena Igusti
Growth Response
May 21 - June 10

Rive Aquapolis_updated.jpg

Emily A. Gibson
Pools of Water,
Breaths of Air

June 11-24

Rory Golden.jpg

Rory Golden
Duty Free Ranger:
Waterlife Guard

June 25-July 8

Desiree Des.jpg

Desiree Des
H2O Bingo
June 25 - July 8

Edmund Mooney.JPG

Edmund Mooney
Misdirected Flow
July 9 -  July 22

Courtney Puckett.jpg

Courtney Puckett
July 23 - August 19


Oyster City image (Rachel + Meredith).jpg

Meredith Drum + Rachel Stevens
Oyster City
July 23 – August 5

Simone Johnson.jpg

Simone Johnson
The Channel Ground(s) Opal and Emanate                     
August 6 - September 3

Maya Ciarocchi 1.gif

Maya Ciarrocchi     
August 20 -September 16

Lily Tagiuri Main Cloud Catcher.jpg

Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri
Rising Tide House
August 20 -September 16

Tessa Grundon.jpeg

Tessa Grundon
Elements of the Water/and Scape
September 4 - 30

amber atiya jpeg.jpg

Amber Atiya
September 17 - Oct. 31

Lise Brenner.jpg

Lise Brenner
30 Days Writing on Water
October 1 - 31

Valerie Fuchs.jpg

Valerie Sullivan Fuchs
Power Plant
October 1 - 14


Robin Michals
Resident Photographer

Zaid Islam portrait.jpg

Zaid Islam
Bodna Samachar
September 17 - 30

Alta Buden.jpg

Alta Buden
Intertidal, ongoing
May 21 -June 10

Silvina and Wo.jpeg

Silvina Lopez Medin
Wo Chan
May 21-June 24

David Andree.jpg

David Andree
Current Casting + Color Studies, Water Color Studies
June 25 - July 8

Natasha Muhoza.jpg

Natasha Muhoza
A poetry collection titled “Kaya: Home—Painted on Water”  
June 25- July 8

Magali Duzant.jpg

Magali Duzant
A High Woman’s Place
June 25 - July 22

Elizabeth V..jpg

Elizabeth Velazquez
Bodies, Water, and Spirit Realm
July 9 - August 5

Aaron Beebe map.png

Aaron Beebe
Drawn maps
July 23 - August 19

Rena Priest 2.jpg

Rena Priest
Collection of flash fiction July 23 – August 5


Christina Catanese.jpg

Christina Catanese
August 6-August 12

Tobias Carroll 12 - credit Jason Rice.jpg

Tobias Carroll
Untitled Short Novel
August 6-August 19

Art Jones WoW.jpg

Art Jones
August 6 -September 2

Christina Lee.jpg

Deanna Lee
Works on Paper, on Water
September 4 - 30


Rebecca Pappas
Scores for a Watery Body
September 4 - 30

Nathan Kensinger.jpg

Nathan Kensinger
NY Waterfront Video Installation
October 1 - 14


Ty Defoe & Tidtaya Sinutoke
Water is life
October 1 - 31


Ayasha Guerin
The Collect
October 15 - 31

Asya Graf.jpg

Asya Graf
Home by Water
October 1 - 14


TRYST (Clarinda Mac Low and Carolyn Hall with contributions from Paul Benney)
Sunk Shore
July 23 - August 13
Sunk Shore tours will take place on Sept. 8 and Sept. 15

Artist Name
Project Title

Micki Spiller.jpg

Micki Watanabe Spiller
Reading in Progress
May 21-June 24

Creative Traffic Flow.jpg

Creative Traffic Flow: Dawn Crandel, Jeesun Choi, Kristin Rose Kelly
River Voices: An original theatre piece about the Roanoke River
June 4- 17; Public reading on July 15

Lynn Neuman, Artichoke Dance.jpg

We are Drowning
June 25-July 8

Patterson Beckwith.jpg

Patterson Beckwith
An ACA certified Trip Leader Will Be Part of the House, As It’s Occasional Canoe Captain

Victoria Catherine Chan.jpg

Victoria Catherine Chan
Quiet Storm
July 9 – August 5

Meredith Drum - seance.jpg

Meredith Drum
Séance for Dark Water
July 23 – August 5

Antebi_Kilbane Headshot.jpg

Nicole Antebi
Fred’s Rainbow Bar and Other Stages on the International Border

July 23 - August 19


Maggie Haslam
Water from Governor’s Island

July 23 -August 5


Rachel Stevens
Place of the Big River August 6 -August 19

Mayfield Brooks.jpg

Mayfield Brooks
Letters to Marsha
August 6 - September 3

Devra Freelander.jpeg

Devra Freelander
August 6 -September 2


Bel Falleiros
From Shells to the Water
September 4 - 30

Jianna Park.jpg

Jianna Jihyun Park
September 4 - 30


Jean Carla Rodea
Current Tides/Sound Escapes
October 1 - 14

Cody and Turich.jpg

Gab Cody & Sam Turich
Daylighting the Stream
October 1- 14


Kelly E. Sullivan
Poems for Toledo Blade
October 15 - 31

Alex Branch.jpg

Alex Branch
Acoustics of Water
October 15 - 31

Sto Len.jpg

Sto Len
Water Whirled
July 23 - August 5