New Georges with 3LD Art & Technology Center in collaboration with Guerilla Science presented a world premiere immersive theatrical experience

Co-conceived by Sheila Callaghan and Daniella Topol; Written by Sheila Callaghan directed by Daniella Topol; Associate playwright Liza Birkenmeier; General collaborator Susan Bernfield; Science dramaturgy Guerilla Science

Special thanks go to New Georges for their support for
Works on Water.


(NOT) WATER was joined by theatrical works-in-progress by Helen Banner, Sarah Einspanier, Emerie Snyder and Lisa Szolovits, who have developed these works through a special New Georges residency in 2016-17.

Alongside the art and theater experiences at 3LD there were installations designed by Guerilla Science, in partnership with scientists and artists, that reframe our relationship to water, locally and globally, in unexpected ways.

Installation Contributor:
Marianna De Nadal is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker based in New York. Her conceptually based practice utilizes a variety of media and techniques, from performance, to interactive sculpture, to visual computer programming.