About the Residency



Works on Water and Underwater New York are partnering to host an artist's residency on Governors Island from May-October, 2018. Visual, performing, and literary artists (individuals, collaborations, collectives) are invited to develop work and build connections to the water in one of the historic Nolan Row houses on Governors Island. We welcome proposals from artists whose interest or practice involves a deep investment in working on, in, and with bodies of water as well as artists who are interested in exploring water as a site or material for the first time. 

Other activities during the term:
• Documentary exhibition of selected Water Artists featured on the Works on Water interactive map: Artworks and Bodies of Water.
• Public conversations with artists and practitioners working on the waterways, including an interview-based project about water art facilitated by Underwater New York
• Launch of The Power of Ten, a laboratory program that aims to spark new collaborations between artists and professional practitioners in many fields, including science, urban planning, and government. The Power of Ten will provide space for project development, mentorship from the Works on Water team, and facilitation for projects.


WoW and UNY are excited to be on Governors Island this summer because of its embedded relationship to water and recent identity as a host to diverse artworks and arts experiments. The two organizations are curious to see how artists of all stripes use the location as a prompt for process and inquiry. 


Guidelines and more information on submitting a proposal.