Cory Tamler

During my residency, I will be developing water dramaturgy as an approach to performance-making and writing for performance, editing the output from a water dramaturgy-focused playwriting residency into a publication, and researching histories and narratives of the Penobscot River in Maine.

Cory Tamler ( has created and participated in research-based performance projects in the United States, Germany, and Serbia, and has worked with museums and companies including the New Museum for Contemporary Art, The Civilians, Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, James Gallery, Sprat Artistic Ensemble, Yinzerspielen, and the School of Making Thinking. A core artist with civic arts organization OpenWaters(Maine), Cory has written a play about small-scale farming and a book of performance scores based on migratory fish. Cory was a Fulbright Scholar (Berlin) and her academic and critical writing and translations have been published in The Mercurian, Studies in Musical Theatre, Asymptote, Culturebot, The Offing, Extended Play, Howlround, and SCENA. As a Ph.D. student in Theatre and Performance at The Graduate Center, CUNY, she studieswaterdramaturgy andworksto connect physics and theatre as historically determined stories about the world. She teaches in the Department of Theater at Brooklyn College and is a member of Commitment Experiment, an experimental performance collective in Brooklyn.