Valerie Sullivan Fuchs

Valerie Sullivan Fuchs is a visual artist primarily working in video, video installation, creating new media video installations by using sustainable practices.  Her interest in science, technology and spirituality creates a tension in her landscape based works solar powered generating pieces, solar light boxes, and more recently hydroelectricity.  Her deep affection for the rural landscape, began on the sustainable farm she grew up on in Northern Kentucky, is reflected in artwork  of primarily landscapes and the relation we   produces a new way to think of the landscape of the land, emphasizes the unseen, invisible relationships of medium to nature and each other and how these attitudes and values affect the land. Fuchs’ artworks of landscapes In 01:02;08,  Fuchs filmed a nearby field of waving grass, then printed each frame and projected it back onto the stack of printed stills, disrupting the images of Fuchs is a Kentucky rural based/raised artist with artwork in major collections including 21c Museum, Louisville, & Revive Corporation, Laura Lee Brown & Steve Wilson and others. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including, Sweden, Estonia, Austria and California, and New York, NY.

For the 2019 Works on Water/Underwater New York Residency on Governors Island, I will continue to look at a different approach to energy, the unseen energy, manifested through intention and transference. I plan to focus on my ritual/performance aspect of my artwork, The Language of Water.  I was inspired by the Hidden Messages of Water, a book written by Masaru Emoto, about his research on the enigmatic nature of water. Emoto placed water in containers with negative and positive words written on them, which he would freeze, and then with a microscopic camera, record the crystalline structures. His findings demonstrated that positive words/phrases, like “thank you, gratitude” would produce a more perfect structure of the frozen water. Accordingly, negative words, like “fool” would produce imperfect structures.